Sensory Items/Gadget Fun

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Snap Gripz

Just grip it & give it a squeeze for snapping & popping sounds!

Assorted colors per display

Klik & Spin Spyderbot

Spin it, klik it, shape it!

Assorted colors per display

3-Pack Mini Bandy Balls

Made of rubber bands

Fluff & toss

Card size: 3" x 9"

Flippin' Cube

Fold it! Stack it! Shape it! Flip & Fold

Card size: 4" x 7"

Assorted colors per display

Klik & Snap Fidget Chain

22" long

Shape - Rotate - Bend - Create!

Assorted colors

Squish & Knot Oodles

Stretch 'em! Squish 'em! Knot 'em!

Easy to pick up bunches!

Card size: 5" x 7"

Assorted styles per display